Some Mistakes in Forming Muscle

Many ways and tips to raise and build muscle. Start of maintaining food to keep your diet every day. Various ways have been doing, but muscle not being formed. Here are some of the mistakes that cause the muscles that you desire is not perfect.  This information is a matter of the guide Kyle Leon, the muscle maximizer belongs to you can get.

Excessive consumption of fruit

Fruit is healthy, but if you overdo the fruit and fruit thought to lose weight, it is not true. Sugar contained in fruit is called fructose or able to increase the levels of insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas to push fructose into the muscle. Later fructose is stored as energy reserves or glycogen.

If the levels of excess fructose in your body, can cause metabolic disorders. These disorders result from glication process, which binds fructose amino acids that cause increased fat metabolism and the aging process.


If you want a well-built and muscular body like a men’s health magazine cover, do not expect to get it only with moderate exercise and caloric restriction to maintain ideal weight. Do fitness exercise every day, do not be lazy. There are even people who need exercise twice a day to get maximum muscle shape.


Do not let your muscles to get the style obsessed male model in health magazines. The spirit and intent is required in the formation of this muscle, but not until you overdo it to ruin your whole body condition. To get the dream muscle, you need to do is focus on the training and relax outside of practice time.

Less weight training
Weight-training is effective in the formation of muscle, but you also have to understand how to do this, must not lift weights. Choose a fairly heavy weight training and do several sets of repetitions gradually each week. For example, this week you do six sets, and then the next week to 12 sets, then five, eight, four, and return to the six sets. Make sure you do this exercise supervised by a coach or at least have earned the right tricks of the coach or instructor.

hormone disorders

Disruption of hormones in the body can affect your body’s muscle formation. Hormones in the body will be impaired if you are experiencing excessive stress, lack of sleep, eating mostly sugar and do not have time to spare. If you can not control the hormones, the futile exercise you’ve ever done in the gym. Take the time to gather information about the hormone insulin, cortisol, growth hormone, and testosterone. If necessary, you can consult with a doctor.